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Love Yourself First Sticker

Love Yourself First Sticker

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  • water resistant
  • 1-3 inch size
  • Sticky AF

Take a stand for yourself and declare your much-deserved self-care with the Love Yourself First Sticker! Place it on any surface and be reminded daily to care for your mental health. Make this your commitment to never forget to put your needs first. Dare to be self-loving!

  • 1-3 inch each side
  • Water resistant matte vinyl
  • Designed in Chicago and printed in the USA
  • Comes unpackaged

This sticker is part of the mental health by Ibinye collection

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In order to do good by design, over 5% of profits annually are donated to deserving organizations. Past recipients include Planned Parenthood, EMILY’S List, National Network of Abortion Funds, Black Futures Lab, and more.