Twice a year we partner with other women-owned businesses to design a collection of cards that fit both their brand and ours. It’s a fun way for Twentysome to speak to new and different topics outside our usual area of expertise.

CandleTit Collection

CandleTit provides curious souls the opportunity to explore breast/chest diversity through an everyday object, respectfully and without judgement. Custom molding sessions are available for all but focus on individuals before major changes like breast/chest surgery (mastectomy, reduction, top surgery), pregnancy and body-feeding. Learn more at

Released 2024

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Plum Diamond Collection

Plum crafts sustainable lab-grown diamond rings for everyone who values quality, carats, and ethical sourcing. This collection focuses on engagements, weddings, marriage, love, and non traditional versions of these topics. Learn more at

Released 2023

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SHE Mark Collection

The SHE Mark highlights women-led businesses using a suite of certification marks known as The SHE Marks - SHEruns, SHEmakes, and SHEowns. SHE exists to uplift and inspire businesses and individuals who believe gender equality in the workplace is better for everyone and make it easier to put your money, time, and support towards women in business. To learn more about The SHE Mark, visit

Released 2022

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