Surviving in a man's world is no joke.

I create greeting cards, that speak to your deepest thoughts. The ones you're afraid to say out loud. What does Jessica's vagina look like after giving birth? Why are all men so fucking stupid? Eyes on you Jake.
I make it easier to tell your friends that you adore them! Or that their choices are absolutely wack as fuck.  Clearly no sane 30-something is ready to be a mom, we're just teenagers!
I make notepads that collect your never ending anxious feelings and help you argue back to that annoying voice in your head. Obviously, you should not go on a second date with that loser, and yes you should demand that raise at work this month.
I create stickers that tell the world how you really feel. Yes Mike, women are in fact people too. 

Who designs everything?

Me! Sadie! Every design is drawn by hand (or using my hand written font). You can guarantee nobody else makes anything quite like it! 

Do you sell wholesale?

Absolutely! I love it when you order direct, but you can also order on Faire if thats your jam. See more deets on the wholesale page.

How fast will my order ship?

Retail and wholesale orders ship in 5 business days or less! All orders ship USPS.

Where can I buy your cards in person?

250+ local shops all around the country! As well as Paper Source, Barnes and Noble and Homegoods. But please know most stores only carry a very small selection of items. Shop the website or call a store directly in advance if you're looking for something specific.

What kind of paper and envelopes do you use?

Cards are 120 lb. post consumer waste paper. We infrequently use other similar papers when the favorite is out of stock. All cards come with a kraft brown envelope.

Can I get a discount?

Maybe! Sign up for the email list for a coupon off your first order. If you're ordering in bulk (100+ per item) we might be able to work something out. Just send over an email with what you need to hello@twentysome.design

Will you make me trump merch?

Hell no! I have values! Like giving a shit about other people for starters. 

Should I go on a second date with this guy?

If you have to ask, probs not. Fill out a page of the notepad and email me, I'll give you my feedback.